How safe is our Hyderabad?

posted under by NSmurthy
In the wake of the Jaipur blasts, have a close look at the security arrangements in place in some of the busiest centres in the city. At the Secunderabad Station, station authorities have assured us in the past of 360-degree rotating surveillance cameras at all stations, and handheld metal detectors as well. The number of policemen at the station looks ample, and they are constantly doing the rounds of the platforms. However, leaving luggage lying around and walking away without arousing suspicion is quite doable. The only thing you need to get away with carrying anything in a bag, it seems, is a Rs 3 platform ticket, for authorities will stop you to check for your ticket, and yet not search you.
At Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, we were surprised to see how far people could go without any security checks, or even a ticket. You can hang around near the cafes, stores and seating areas outside, even take the elevator with your luggage. Jayeeta Mazumder, who traveled recently, said, "There seemed to be people hanging around just to check out the place and have fun! It's like an amusement park, with people in hoards clicking pictures and all." The authorities, however, assure us that all measures specified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) have been complied with. system before approaching the airport building.
Once bitten, twice shy, goes the saying and you can see the effect on the Necklace Road. Be it Eat Street, NTR Garden or the Lumbini Park, it seems no frame is complete without a khaki clad man. But then, a look at the parking places is a giveaway. There is hardly any checking when you go to park your vehicles in the designated parking areas very close to the main road that is chock-a-block with commuters. The possibility of a miscreant getting away unnoticed having parked his/her vehicle packed with explosives does not seem too far fetched under the circumstances.
Just one day prior to the Mecca Masjid bomb blast anniversary, there is tension afresh in this part of the city in the wake of the Jaipur serial blasts. In the bylanes of the Old-City, security concerns are on the minds of shoppers, residents and the cops. "Maintaining security measures in a crowded area is difficult. Vehicles that have been parked for a long time and unclaimed and abandoned bags are potentially dangerous. And if someone spots such things, bringing it to the notice of the cops is the best way to avoid a possible tragedy," says Additional Director General of Police, AK Khan.
But with just one parking slot and no scanning of vehicles, the Unani hospital parking space, around Charminar, doesn't seem to be safe. The world-famous Charminar is guarded by CCTVs, doorframe metal detectors and handheld detectors, but the crowded bazaar area is free for all. Important places near Charminar like Mozamjahi market have no parking area at all. Frisking is being done at Karachi bakery, but not too far from the bakery, almost in the same vicinity, Famous Ice cream centre has no security checks.