Hyderabad acculturates everyone

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This is the age of the global citizen, where work and education take one to different parts of the world. And the rising number of foreigners in the city only goes to show that Hyderabad has become a melting pot. Foreigners are everywhere, be it at MNCs, the upmarket shopping malls, or walking through the Old City. So, what's the Hyderabadi experience like for people from different parts of the world? "It’s fun being with people not very similar to you," says Akasma from Turkey who now lives in Hyderabad with her family. "There's so much you can learn from cultural diversity," she adds.

Majority of the foreigners here work for MNCs or are here for higher education. "I love walking down the streets of the city and having Irani chai." shares Omer who made his journey here from Africa. Ask him if he ever feels homesick, and he says, "In a world of IT, chances of feeling isolated are less since you can always be in touch." Jennifer, a European tourist in Hyderabad, agrees with Omer as she talks fondly about Hyderabad, "I didn't feel as if I've landed on an alien planet when I arrived in the city, and I enjoy the colourful and chaotic world of Hyderabad!"

But isn't the heat hard to deal with? " That depends on your fitness levels.You need to work on your health if you wish to see the world," Jennifer says, adding how she loves Indian movies and Hyderabadi cuisine. Altaf, a front office manager in the city, explains just why Hyderabad is so welcoming. "The city is famous for its mehman nawazi. That's one of the reasons everyone feels at home. Besides, the working class speaks English, which keeps the channels of communication open." No secret then why Hyderabad is turning cosmopolitan.

Emanuel, a businessman from Morocco, loves to explore different areas in the city, and opines, "There is fantastic food available in the city, which I adore, besides the natural rawness of the citykeeps me charged up." But not everything can be impressive and what foreigners in the city are not happy with is the maddening traffic and reports of criminal activities. But Kathy, a foreign student,taking it all in her stride, says, "I think there are bad elements every where.You need to keep yourself alert and have a sane head on your shoulders.”