Indians high on demand in Saudi medical, IT sectors

posted under by NSmurthy
There is tremendous scope for Indian professionals, especially in the medical and IT sectors of Saudi Arabia, which hopes to meet its requirements by importing workforce, an official has said. "We are looking towards India to meet our requirements for nurses, technicians, pharmacists, physicians and specialists, especially for our neonatal, intensive care, oncology, physiotherapy and other departments," Sami Mohammed Badawood, director general of health in Jeddah, said.

He was addressing the annual meeting of Indo-Saudi Medical Forum in Jeddah on Friday, which also marked a farewell reception for Indian Consul General Ausaf Sayeed. As many as 600 Saudis were enrolled for medical education in India last year and this figure could go up to 6,000 in the coming years, Sayeed was quoted as saying in a Saudi newspaper.

He also called for equalisation of Indian degrees in this part of the world reminding that India's booming economy, which currently offered lucrative job offers, might prevent its people from moving out of the country if they were not treated at par with others in terms of salaries and positions overseas.