Man walks into PS with wife's head

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VIJAYAWADA: In what could be a scene straight out of a crime thriller, a man walked up to the Kuchipudi police nonchalantly with a gunny bag in his hand in the wee hours of Friday. The sleepy police jumped out of their skin when they saw the severed head of a woman in the bag. It took some time for the cops to get over the shock and arrest the cold-blooded killer.

Without mincing words, Veeranki Venkata Ramana (44) told the police that the head was that of his wife Lakshmi (38) and that he had killed her.

Ramana, a private medical practitioner at Penamalur village in Krishna district, told the dazed cops that he did not like his wife's intimacy with a doctor at a corporate hospital in Vijayawada where he also works and decided to eliminate her. Lakshmi joined the hospital as an attendant at the instance of her husband.

When Ramana asked her to stay away from the doctor, she ignored his warning, the killer said. With her suspicious husband's harassment becoming unbearable, Lakshmi along with her two children moved to her parent's house at Pedasanagallu village in Movva mandal.

Ramana went to his in-laws on Thursday and expressed his regret over what happened and persuaded Lakshmi to return home.

He also convinced his in-laws to send her with him. The unsuspecting Lakshmi followed her husband. Both of them took an APSRTC bus and alighted at a spot between Ayyanki and Gosala villages at around 10 pm.

They walked through the fields for some distance before Ramana took out a sharp knife and beheaded Lakshmi.

The cold-blooded killer took his own sweet time to separate the head from the torso before carrying it to the police station at Kuchipudi near Movva.

Ramana's father Ramudu suffered cardiac arrest and died on hearing about his son's horrifying act.