Samajwadi Party is united, claims Mulayam

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New Delhi, July 20: Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav on Sunday lashed out at the BJP, BSP and Left parties, accusing them of bribing MPs ahead of the trust vote.

Speaking at a press conference, Mulayam said that his party was united and three of the MPs – Munawar Hasan, Raj Narain Budholiya and Jai Prakash Rawat – who were all set to join BSP, were not in favour of the nation’s development. They are just interested in dirty politics and hunger for ticket, he said.

All three SP MPs today went to BSP leader Mayawati’s residence to meet her. After the meeting, Munawar Hasan said that they were all set to topple the UPA government. He further claimed that another 10 SP MPs will defect on Monday.

Mulayam said that he was surprised with anti-communalism Left parties’ stand of aligning with Mayawati who had called Narendra Modi the best Chief Minister. He appealed to the Left parties to remain secular.

Mulayam further said that Red Flag and Lal Krishna Advani are the same and added that the BJP and Left had approached him with the offer of making him the Prime Minister if he joins them in voting against the UPA.

He even accused Mayawati and Bardhan of bribing MPs and giving them patronage. Not only this he even lashed out at TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu, asking him to keep quiet as he was first with the BJP and has now moved towards BSP.

Mulayam Singh said his party is voting for UPA keeping in mind national interest and not for any political gains.

He said that the MPs who had deserted the party have done so for some "vested interests". "For example, the Hamirpur MP (Raj Narain Budholiya) wanted to save a contract, that is why he joined the BSP," he alleged.

While admitting that some MPs had deserted his party, Mulayam claimed that it has been more than made up with MPs from other parties.

"We have plenty of them. They (MPs from other parties) are making entry through backdoor where there are no TV cameras. Seven to eight BSP MPs are inside my house," party General Secretary Amar Singhsaid, sitting next to Yadav.

The SP chief claimed that support of 287 MPs have already been mustered in favour of the confidence motion. The UPA government needs 272 votes for victory.