US firm set to tap Indians in USA and Gulf

posted under by NSmurthy
US-based calling card company Aryty is setting up operations in India to tap the growing market for remitting prepaid phone minutes among the Indian diaspora in the US, Canada and the Gulf. "Sending just a few dollars of prepaid mobile phone credit to your family and friends in India will allow them to call you whenever they want to talk to you," said Harbinder Narula, vice president for India and the Middle East for Aryty.
"We started the service from the US and Canada to the Philippines about a year ago. Now, we are expanding this to India as well. This will be followed by similar services to India from the Gulf," Narula said. According to him, Aryty allows people in the US and Canada to purchase calling credits - or phone call minutes - for friends and family abroad who use prepaid mobile phone plans.
This can be done in two ways - by sending phone credit online using the Web site or from an individual's mobile phone using text messaging. The credit can be send from any registered mobile phone in the US or Canada. "This service will prove extremely attractive keeping in view the large number of the Indian diaspora and the social mindset of us Indians for whom family ties and being in contact with loved ones is important," said Narula.