Chiru’s First Day First show: Super Hit

posted under by NSmurthy

Will Chiranjeevi be successful as politician? Can the man who faced only ‘soft’ journalits (film journalists) face the hardcore political journos and react to them? How would he react if someone asks about ‘sensitive’ Telangana issue?

These were the many questions that were raised by the naysayers before Chiru made his entry into his party office and faced the media. But all the doubts were cleared and Chiru emerged as the winner in his first ever media meeting in the role of a politician.

His speech was articulate and he seemed confident. He came up with some quotable quotes when tough questions were fielded. Not a single moment, he was visible tensed; he’s clear about everything. Moreover, his benign handling of the press won the hearts.

It is clear that he is not making hasty entry into politics. His first show as politician is super hit. Or it looks like!